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5 Mobile Apps to Help with Addiction Recovery

Mobile apps have become a saving grace for those looking to simplify their lives and eliminate stress. Their widespread popularity has led to the development of mobile apps to help with addiction recovery. Whether you’re looking for a meeting, something to help you tune distractions out, or help with meditation, you’ll find a mobile app that suits your needs.

The following five mobile apps will help you through your holistic treatment recovery.
1: Sober Grid

This app, free on Android and IOS, allows users to seek out support from others in their area. With an easy to read map display, Sober Grid connects you with neighbors in recovery. The app also comes with a messaging feature, allowing users to converse with others who share their experience or seek encouragement during moments of doubt. By giving you the tools to seek out support, Sober Grid allows you to take control of the recovery process.

2: Addicaid

Users have access to this award-winning app for free on all Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. They can find meetings anywhere and rate them, post their ratings, and see other ratings. Addicaid users can create profiles that are confidential, watch inspirational videos, read recovery-related articles, and listen to music to help them stay motivated. Personalized goals can also be created by users daily. They can engage with other users , check in, receive “likes,” and comment.

3: Afternoon Affirmations

Many recovery apps provide morning reflection texts or random inspirational quotes to users, but Afternoon Affirmations improves on this formula by sending comforting affirmations every day at 1:00 pm. These affirmations are meant to provide inspiration so you can go about your day thinking positively. You’ll find a surplus of content including practical reminders and uplifting quotations designed to help you maintain perspective on life. This app is also free.

4: Steps Away

You’ll find this Android-based app in the iTunes store for $9.99. It’s a database containing thousands of worldwide 12-step recovery meetings that you can use in supporting your holistic treatment program. All the information is simple to modify in the app itself, where you’ll find recovery meetings in the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. Many consider Steps Away to have the most comprehensive meetings listing of all other recovery apps available currently.

5: Today’s Step

Through the use of Today’s Step, users have access to inspirational recovery messages on a daily basis. Additionally, they can watch a wide variety of meditation and exercise videos. The most valuable feature for those in holistic recovery are the stories from others throughout the recovery community. When someone who is in recovery celebrates a milestone, they can share their success with others who are also using this mobile app. Also, this affordable Android-based app (available for $2.99) offers audio meditations to help calm nerves and soothe the mind.