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Drug Addiction Treatment

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

The comprehensive and effective drug rehabilitation program of Alpha Healing Center is designed to deal with any drug addiction.

Professional Drug Rehabilitation

Alpha Healing Center is widely recognized as one of the most effective inpatient drug rehabilitation centers in Gujarat, India. Situated amidst the beauty of nature, just outside the city of Vadodara, the center offers world-class treatment for all types of drug addiction. Alpha Healing Center with its effective treatment model offers the guests absolute recovery from addiction.

Which drug addictions are treated at Alpha Healing Center?

The comprehensive and effective drug rehabilitation program of Alpha Healing Center is designed to deal with any drug addiction. The center in India takes care of various drug addictions which include the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin (and other opiates)
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • GHB
  • Crystal meth and yaba
  • Cocaine (including crack cocaine)

If a person is suffering from an addiction that is not mentioned in the list, then he/she can contact the center for further information.

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An Effective Treatment Program

This state-of-the-art drug rehabilitation center in India offers the most effective residential treatment program. It acts as a Recovery Zone for the guests, which combines the unique Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Twelve-Step Facilitation, Mindfulness Meditation, Relapse Prevention Therapy, Motivational Incentives Training, and Medication Management, along with a focus on the physical and mental fitness.


The treatment program at Alpha Healing Center is for a variety of addictions, which is unlike any other drug rehabilitation offered in India.

What to expect during addiction rehabilitation?

The addiction treatment program of Alpha Healing Center includes unique therapies and counseling sessions and is complemented by physical and mental health activities for overall recovery. Apart from that, each day’s schedule prepared also consists of interesting & fun-filled activities such as personal training, yoga, combat lessons, mindfulness meditation, swimming, art & drama therapies and many more, which not only helps an individual keep his/her mind active, but also supports them to avoid focusing on their cravings or addiction. The guests also have the opportunity to explore our de-addiction center with adventurous excursions.

Drug Addiction Treatment FAQs

The guest’s privacy is Alpha’s utmost priority. It depends on the individual as to who will be made aware of his/her treatment, and rest will be kept confidential.

Alpha Healing Center offers incredibly affordable rates. Yet, it is advisable for the guests to contact at the center for precise details, as the cost also depends on the length of their stay and the insurance policy they have.

Whether a person requires medically supervised drug detoxification, it is decided on the basis of the initial assessment, done upon his/her arrival at the center, which is facilitated by both counseling and medical team.

The staff at a rehabilitation center plays an essential role during the healing process of an individual suffering from drug addiction. Therefore, Alpha Healing Center in India has formed a team of experts that consists of trained counseling specialists, holding many years of experience in dealing with all forms of drug addiction. It also has a medical team that includes well-known psychiatrists, several psychologists and a supportive nursing team, which serves an individual with the highest level of care to treat the problem of drug addiction.

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