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Innovative Therapies

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Scientific research has shown that addictions are rooted in the brain. Drugs can cause changes in the brain that compel further use. But the brain isn’t a stagnant organ, resistant to or unable to change. While drugs affect it, research has proven that training programs do so as well. Alpha Healing Center has collaborated with Brain Resource® to implement three innovative behavioral therapies to support recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Hypnosis is very useful and a most effective form of psychotherapy , especially in Addiction as it deals with the Subconscious . As it foremost helps in reducing anxiety of the client, gets his/ her sleep pattern back to normal. Than hypnosis helps in resolving deep emotional turmoil, reprogramming the Subconscious beliefs and emotional triggers which may be the reason for Addiction. It also helps in giving the client and the therapist a insight into whether the conventional psychotherapy is working and to what extent regarding the craving. Overall it helps the client to develop deep understanding about their own strengths and weaknesses and accordingly work on them.

Biometric Stress Management

Biometric stress management provides a way of reducing the stress associated with drug and alcohol addiction through biometric feedback. Alpha Healing Center and Brain Resource® offer a feedback tool called MyCalmBeat® that tracks heart rate variability or HRV, a psychological indicator of an individual’s ability to handle stress. It diagnoses a personalized best breathing rate, which is called resonant frequency, to maximize your HRV. Read more on our Biometric Stress Management page to learn how this innovative therapy service can assist in your recovery.

Brain Music Therapy

Brain Music Therapy is another innovative behavioral therapy utilized by Alpha Healing Center through our collaboration with Brain Resource®. It’s based on the premise that personalized music derived from a guest’s own brain wave patterns can affect emotional stability, the sleep/wakefulness cycle, information processing, performance and arousal. Studies have shown that music can reduce stress hormones as effectively as certain anti-anxiety drugs. This therapy has no known side effects and can be combined with other therapies for optimum success and potentially eliminate the need for habit-forming sleep medications. Visit our page on Brain Music Therapy for more detail on how this works and what the therapy can do for you.

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